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Inner city dwellers with limited space will be delighted with this brilliantly designed spa, perfect for a balcony or courtyard. Luxurious mould seating accommodates two people comfortably. With a full recliner hydrotherapy lounge and upright seating this compact portable spa affords amazing versatility.

  • Acrylic bathtub manufacturers SKT335B


Size : 1980*1600*720 mm




Superior Technology、USA Californian control、Quality brain for your spa 3kw Heater,enjoy hot spring everytime.
RGB LED Premium Lighting, Set the prefect mood.
Time setting let you use the spa more easier.


Unique Dual Speed Pump

2 Pumps in 1
Massage & Filtration, Quite, Powerfal, Long Lasting High Efficiency

Unique Dual Speed Pump

Rapid Steriltzation

100% Sterilization and Disinfeatiion effective Dispel Peculiar Smell of water Ozone Technology
Allows You to Enjoy the Crystal Clean Water

Rapid Steriltzation

Double-Port Skimmer Filtration System

spend more time enjoying your crystal clear water
Innovative Micro-ban filter makes the water deep filter bacteriostatic.
Innovative Micro-ban filter makes the water clean like crystal.


Intelligent Heater

Humanized Design.Temperature Inductor
All the year round,warm In winter and cool In summer



the lighted water fall brings you more fun when you enjor the spa.color free conversion to create a warm and comfortable enviorment.


Massage Jet

Our innovative, patented jets are designed to target specific muscle groups. Enhancing your enjoyment to a higher and more massage level.
These jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage from neck to foot.

Massage Jet

New Generation EVA Pillow

Soft pillow plus massage waves , let you enjoy the advanced spa experience.

New Generation EVA Pillow


Free to adjust the water flow and direction.
For making you more comfortable with The Moment Spa

Water Valves

Color Light

Innovative designs with the beautiful LED ,beautiful lighting light up your moon.

Color Light
Size 1980*1600*720 mm
Dry Weight 206 kgs
Water Capacity 0.7 CBM
Seats 1 persons
Lounge 1 persons
Shell Material Aristech Acrylic
Shell Color 13 colors available
Jet Configuration
Total Jets 22 pcs
Micro Jets 15 pcs
Hydro Massage Jets 7 pcs
Massage Pump 1 pcs*3HP
Filtration Pump 1 pc*0.35HP
Filtration System
Filter 1 pcs
Ozone Generator 1 pc*50mg/h
Control System 1 set
Heater 1 pc*3 KW
Spa Light 1 pcs
Other Features
Ice cooler 2 pcs
Stainless Steel Stand 1 set
Spa Cabinet 1 set(Brown/Grey/Chocolate)

Production Line

Cabinet Colors

  • tub brown color

    Brown Color

  • Grey


  • Chocolate


  • White-Color

    White Color

Acrylic Colors

  • No.2.png

    (White pearlescent) No.2

  • NO.6

    (Oyster opal) No.6

  • NO.8

    (Pure White) No.8

  • NO.9

    (Navy marble) No.9

  • NO.11

    (Summer Sapphire) NO.11

  • NO.14

    (Mystic Emerald) NO.14

  • NO.23

    (Dakota) NO.23

  • NO.26

    (Sahara) NO.26

  • NO.24

    (Caribbean Blue) No.24

  • NO.28

    (Bluerass) No.28

  • NO.30

    (Silver Marble) No.30

  • NO.31

    (Midnight Opal) No.31

  • NO.32

    (Ocean Wave) No.32

    • 5 Years Shell Structure Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the fiberglass structure against water lose due to defects in the spa shell for 5 years .

    • 2 Years Shell Surface Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Acrylic surface of the spa shell against blistering, cracking, or delaminating due to defects in workmanship or manufacturing for 3 years .

    • 2 Years Control System Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Spa’s and control system (except stereo and lighting system ) against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship and manufacturing for 2 years .

    • 2 Year Cabinet Warranty

      Jazzi spa cabinets are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 2 years from the original date of delivery. Normal wear and weathering of the finish will occur naturally over time and are not defects.

    • 1 Years Equipment Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants the Spa’s electrical equipment components - heater , pump(s) , and control system (except stereo and lighting system ) against malfunctions due to defects in workmanship and manufacturing for 1 years .

    • 1 Years Spa parts & accessories Warranty

      Jazzi Spa warrants all parts & Accessories inside the spa are warranted against malfunction due to defects in workmanship and material for 1 years from the original date of delivery. ( The Filter and the Pillow is not included in the warranty scope )