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Bathtub Manufacturers


JAZZI Pool & Spa Products Co., Ltd was established in 1993. As the hot tub manufacturers, we always adheres to the purpose that “Make European standards at Competitive price". Now, Jazzi has insisted on being the best, and is blossoming on the international stage. And then, let me introduce Jazzi spa:


1. As the hot tub manufacturer, Jazzi are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind. Cover, heater and isolation are to keep the temperature continuously. The heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a low temperature heat source to a high temperature heat source to achieve refrigeration and heating.

2. Jazzi hot tub manufacturer has all the certifications and all relevant approvals required.

3. Jazzi hot tub manufacturer use advanced water treatment technology to ensure that your spas health is maintained with ease. Our advanced ozone system keeps your water sparkling clean which helps minimize the use of chemicals required.