Say Goodbye To Dry Skin!

Last updated on July 16th, 2018

Winters are just around the corner and along with winters come the harsh wind and flaky skin. The skin gets affected by going through the routine of cold and dry on the outside whereas hot and dry on the inside. Hence women get confused as they do not know how to tackle this issue. Below mentioned are some secrets that can help you protect your skin during winters:

Boycott Hot Showers:

There are certain parts of the country which are cold most of the time of the year. Cold temperatures are one of the important cause that leads to dry skin. Hot showers are responsible for stripping away the natural oils of your body. Instead, dermatologists recommend taking not so hot showers, and then pat yourself dry using a soft towel. It helps you retain moisture balance within the skin.

Boycott Hot Showers

Stop Using Summer Products:

Make use of a rich cream instead of a mild lotion. This will help your skin make a huge difference. Lotions are thinner, and thicker creams are emollient. By switching your summer product which is a light warm weather lotion for a creamier and richer more penetrating cream.

Stop Stressing About Wrinkles:

Winters cause the skin to get dry and which further leads to wrinkle formation. It is a natural reaction for stress to seep at the moment you see wrinkles showing on your face. If you have sensitive skin, there are many more signs of aging such as visible fine lines, crows feet, under eye bags, etc which may begin to appear. But stay calm and avoid stress. This is a temporary thing, and by making use of a good hydrating night cream can help you tackle this issue.

Soak Yourself In It:

It is essential to make use of moisturizer to your body every time.  Some dermatologists recommend relaxing in a bath tub of tepid water till the time you feel the fingertips getting wrinkled and stay like this for however long it takes. Your skin has the ability to holding on to water, and this is a unique way of getting the body hydrated.

Relaxing Bath

Make Use Of Oil:

Winters are the perfect time to get on Flaxseed Oil and Fish Oil. Apart from being highly good for your health as these oils are a rich source of Omega-3, they also help to maintain the suppleness of your skin. Fish Oil and Flax Seed oil supplements may help to enhance your skin’s appearance and decrease the pain of stiff, sore joints that are caused due to the winter cold.

Make Use Of Oil

Refrain From Using Soap:

Various soaps lead to skin getting dry. Therefore, it is important to wash with a liquid soap but ensure the products is a non-soap cleanser. As per medical professionals, it is recommended to look for cleansers or moisturizers which contain botanicals, plant extracts such as chamomile and lavender which helps your body to replenish naturally. Botanicals assist the skin to sooth well, and ideal for wind chapped or exposed skin.

Refrain From Using Soap

The points mentioned above are secrets to help you kick dry skin to the curb. These routines shall contribute to keeping the skin moisturized and well nourished. Even during the cold winters, you can flaunt a vibrant glow with a supple and youthful appearing skin.

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