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Three fiberglass swimming pools for you choices.




    339H-1 the revolution in swim pools spas is complete. This new inspired styling is unlike any swimspa that's come before. The uniquely curved lines are an ingegral part of its technical achievement. With a patented propulsion system and exclusive Therapy Seat, the 339H-1 delivers a luxurious experience. The Super Jet system provides a wider, deeper and smoother current, While giving you a swimming experience that's far superior to any other swimspa, allowing you to customize its flow for any level of swimming.

  •  Fiberglass Pools WITH 4 HIGH VOLUME SWIM JETS

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    Our new and improved swiming pool spa with a longer and wider swim zone. Fiberglass SKT339C1 is equipped with 4 high volume swim jets,adjustable for speed and pressure. They are positioned to provide lift as well as cerrent. The non-slip surface ensures safety during workouts and is easy to grip. Plus pure,clean water year-round is easily achieved with Jazzi filter cartridge and the ozone purification system, allowing you to use fewer chemicals than other swim spa.

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    The unique and advanced "LOVE" design is made by our exclusive mould techniques, which provides you a romatic feeling. You can jog in place against a gentle current. Or, with the current off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range of motion exercises. A stainless steel grab handle at the end of the swims spa pools helps facilitate your workout.